subluxation of the rib

Hi, is subluxation of the rib the same as dislocated? I've had this condition for over 2 years. I've seen 3 different chiropractors and they do nothing for it that stays... the first one actually made it worse. My front rib went out first while I was exercising with weights, and then shortly after that it went out in the back.. so I have the same rib out front & back.. floating rib? it hurts all the time. I had it x-rayed last spring so ruled out cancer, etc. I started doing the supported back bend with pillows under my shoulders and it seems to help.. woke up feeling good but it only takes moving around to make coffee for it to slip back out. Is there any exercise you can recommend for me? or any other helpful advise. I've tried heat, cold/ice. I've also done some tai chi.. I'm just not sure if I'm helping or hurting it...?
PS. I know this site is for Men's Health Tips (I'm a girl) but I think it's a unisex problem ;)

ED(itor) sez: Hey, we had to call the site SOMEthing...

Don't blame the chiros. Well, one maybe, but three? Not likely you'd hit three bad ones in a row. They can put a misplaced bone or joint back the way nature intended, but they can't do anything to KEEP it there, and to KEEP you from moving around and re-injuring.

Well, they could tape your ribs after the adjustment, but most chiros aren't set up for that. A good sports physio might be a better bet. They'd still need to re-set your straying rib-ends, but they might have tape or compression bands on-site that could be applied IMMEDIATELY after the re-setting. Then apply ice. Then stay still as possible for a day or two. Yes, we know that's hard, but how hard is a day or two of relative stillness (and no bathing/showering, because you don't want to disturb the tape or compression wrap...) compared to the ongoing pain of an injury that just won't go away?

Doctors and chiros and physios and massage therapists are all resources, but in the end, you are in charge of your health.

Good luck.

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