Men's Health Tips -
Sitemap and Virtual Geocache

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Explained - how it works, how much is too much, and why.

How to Measure Blood Pressure - your own, family members', etc. - easily and inexpensively.

Prevalence of Hypertension in Men - what are the chances your blood pressure is too high?

Relieve Hypertension - reduce high blood pressure before it kills you or cripples you.

Control Hypertension - by controlling your weight (sorry... had to be said).

The Common Head Cold

The common cold - why it's so nasty and impossible to cure.

Virus or Bacteria - what's the difference? Why is it important?

Bacteria and antibiotic - creating super-bugs, a how-to.

Prevent the Common Cold - better than trying to fight it after it catches you.

Head cold treatment - fight a cold that you've already caught.

Backache Relief

Backache Relief - a little explanation and some pointers.

Painful Back (lower) - and what you can do about it

Sore Upper Back? Here's some help.

Dislocated Rib - is unexpectedly common. Here's help.

Sore Shoulder

Shoulder ache - chronic? Some common reasons.

Relieve Shoulder Pain - cheap (free?) and easy things that work.

Younger Men

Young Guy Health - and how to keep it from turning into old-guy health.


Tips to Stop Snoring - introduction to our snoring section.

Why do people snore? - in particular, why do you snore?

Dairy and Snoring - cow-squeezings (and derivatives like cheese and ice-cream) can make snoring worse.

Smoking and snoring - smoking can be a primary or secondary cause of snoring.

Alcohol and Snoring - something makes you snore; alcohol makes it worse.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea - the not-so-silent killer.

Overconfidence of surgeons - they're always SO sure that they can fix your snoring by cutting you.

Snoring chin-strap or harness - chin up -this might help.

Snoring mouthpiece - can probably relieve mild-to-moderate snoring..

Head-and-neck positioning pillows - pillows to cradle your head for relief of snoring, or pillows to force you to sleep on your side.

Fat and Obesity

About Weight Loss - what your extra body fat is doing to you and why you might want to get rid of it.

The Truth About Belly Fat - not what you hoped.

How to Lose Fat Quickly - the holy grail, [for free].

The Truth About 6-minute Ab Workouts and Special Supplements - they're lyin' to ya, and here's why.


What are hemorrhoids? What are the vile things, and what makes them happen?

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? How do you know that's what you've got?

How long does a hemorrhoid last? Yes, but how long is "too long"?

Treatments for the symptoms What can you do to treat any active ones that you've got?

The actual cure for hemorrhoids. What can you do to prevent any future occurrences?


Pain in your skin Dealing with some of the less-life-threatening reasons.

Dry cracked hands What makes that happen, and what do you do?

Chapped lips What's with this peeling, cracking, splitting, bleeding?

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