Relieve Hypertension
without Prescription Drugs and
Without Side Effects

Being able to relieve hypertension, control your blood pressure, is important at any time of life, but more likely to be necessary the older you get..

There are three things you can do, to varying degrees of effectiveness:

  • Lose weight (lower your percentage of body-fat)
  • Control stress (shit happens) and strain (how you react to shit) in your life
  • Self-administer some herbal remedies.

OK, there's another thing you can do: you can put yourself in the hands of your doctor who will invariably tell you to do the first two things on the list (because they work and because they're free), but will invariably:

a) discourage you from trying the third item (herbal) on that list while

b) strongly urging you to get hooked on pharmaceuticals that always have nasty side-effects, one of which is to enrich pharmaceutical companies.

Why would your doctor do that? Push you away from "natural" herbal remedies and toward pharmaceuticals?

Simple economics - pharmaceutical companies earn big bucks from drugs and they spend big bucks influencing doctor organizations and law-makers, and insurance companies, and they provide samples (hmmmm this begins to sound like your friendly, neighborhood drug pusher, doesn't it) for doctors to give to their patients.

Why would a doctor prefer to get you hooked on a pharmaceutical rather than have you try a relatively benign herb or blend, to cure or treat whatever ails you?

Because, "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM."

What's that statement doing in this discussion?

Easy there, big fellah. It's relevant. Sorta. I

t's an analogy. Your writer here lived through much of his working life at big companies throughout the eighties and nineties. Those companies had IT departments and Purchasing departments that had to buy the computer systems on which we all did our everyday work. Even in those days, there was lots of competition.

IBM was big and considered "safe". They also were a big supplier to government, so that was extra cachet/credibility for IBM as the solid, dependable choice.

If you were a purchaser or IT guy, you could risk buying computers, servers, software from other sources, and you might save money for your employer and be a hero, but what if there were problems? The "safe" route, though often more expensive, was to buy from Big Blue (IBM). If you were a purchasing agent or IT manager in a corporation who wanted to keep his head down and keep his job, well.... "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM".

These days you could say the same about Microsoft. Everybody loves to hate 'em, but nobody (in a corporate or government purchasing department) every got fired for buying Microsoft software and products. It's the safe choice. Avoids controversy. The purchasing equivalent of keeping your head down and your butt covered.

No doctor ever got sued for prescribing big pharma

So translate that frame-of-mind to your doctor. Especially in the USofA where everybody sues everybody at the drop of a hint, no doctor wants to prescribe anything out-of-the-ordinary. It's safer to stick with medical equivalent of "Big Blue" - in this case, the big, entrenched pharmaceutical companies and their products. In fact, the doctor's insurance carrier probably insists on it.

Simple economics, again - you can't patent a herb. Or a bunch of herbs. If you are smart (or are good at deciphering ancient herbal lore) you can devise a blend/concoction that produces desired results. You can gain some market advantage by keeping your particular blend secret, but anybody with knowledge and determination can do some legwork (and lab work) and come up with an equivalent combo that works as well, and you can't sue them.

Meanwhile, you can patent an extraction process or a synthesis of some new strange chemical that is like the herbal remedy in some of its important effects.

With a patent, you can sue the pants off anybody who duplicates your new chemical. You can make some big money for 17 years or so (depends on patent law in your country) and then you can make tiny little changes and extend your patent protection almost indefinitely to keep the bags of money flowing in. You do that by being a big pharmaceutical company, or by being a small inventor who sells your process and patent to a big pharmaceutical company.

So your average big-pharma company is not going to put a lot of research and development into a herbal concoction when they can't really protect it, compared to the billions they can make from a synthetic (even after all the costs of developing the synthetic and getting it approved).

The big ugly secret

Also, not all herbal concoctions actually work very well, if at all. Some do, and when we stumble upon them, they are golden. See below.

And not all herbal concoctions are free from side-effects. It's just that, over the centuries, the nasty ones have been mostly weeded out. Or, the major effect was SO desirable that people have been willing to overlook the well-known side-effects.

But you knew all that stuff. Where were we going with this? Um... oh yeah, right. We started by mentioning non-standard (non-pharmaceutical) or alternative approaches to health concerns, so you might imagine that we're going to mention one that addresses elevated blood pressure. Well, OK, we will. Thanks for asking.


Herbal blood-pressure-moderating concoction

When your writer came across it, it was called “Holistrol” and you can still find it using that search term. However, a couple of years ago they re-branded it to Hi-Qi Healthy Blood Pressure. That’s supposed to be pronounced “High-Chi” (hy-CHEE), but we like to annoy the purveyors by calling it “hickey” or “heechee”. Their marketing/naming approach might not be the smartest, but the product seems to work.

Seriously. we’ve tried a lot of different vitamin and herbal concoctions over the years (for all sorts of reasons, not just hoping to relieve hypertension), mostly for curiosity’s sake, and 99 percent didn’t seem to do much of anything. Or, if they did, you could just barely tell. The wind had to be at your back, the moon in the right phase, the stock market in… well, let’s not go there.

Only a very few herbal items have _ever_ made a real impression on us by actually working. This is one of them.

We read the stories on the website and said “yeah, yeah, yawn”. We read the claims of actual studies and reproducible results with somewhat more attention. Your writer ordered some. And tried it. After all, we have a serious need to relieve hypertension.

The Story

Let's switch to first-person here, because this is the particular experience of one of us, here at the site. If we were selling something, this would be the convincer - not all kinds of data and facts (which you can get from the manufacturer), but personal stories (gosh-darn anecdotal "evidence") of people who have tried the product and got great results. The facts and figures are what people use to rationalize their decisions, but they make those decisions based on stories, trust and emotion.

In fact, if/when we go commercial with this site, that's exactly what this section is for. Meanwhile, we just think it's good for you, if you happen to have high blood pressure. You're supposed to trust us on that and go try the product now. :-) (Sorry, it's not a clickable link because we were advised to not include working links to other sites until we are ready to "monetize" this site (if ever), otherwise the search engines get suspicious and drop us. So you'll need to copy and paste in your browser's address field.)

Oh, yeah. The story.

My blood pressure had been routinely in the range of 170/95 with occasional excursions higher - both systolic and diastolic. That’s not good in the short term, and it was positively scary as an ongoing condition. So, um, you can see that I might have been motivated.

When the (as it was then called) Holistrol arrived, I took a challenge dose (that means a larger "kick-start" dose) and kept the dose higher than maintenance for the first few weeks. By the end of the first week my pressure had dropped significantly. By two weeks it was down more than twenty points, and it kept dropping. By about six weeks, it was down in the 140/80 range and I was taking the recommended maintenance dose.

The BP numbers have been in the 120s over 70s and gone up a bit when I’ve gotten stressed… or fat, but overall it’s been below 130 over 80 for much of the past three years.There are no side effects.

Despite my doctor’s initial urging (OK… insistence), I never started diuretics and other pharmaceutical remedies (having seen how those affected my Mom, I really, really, really didn't wanna get involved). It’s all the Holistrol. I even tried discontinuing it for more than a month. My pressure basically remained stable. I’m on the bare maintenance dose, and often skip one or two, and it just keeps working. So, as they say, I think it’s working on the causes and not just the symptoms.


So I recommend it. If you have high blood pressure, I at least recommend that you try it. It’s not expensive, so you have little to lose - did I mention no side-effects!?!I freely admit that it might not work as well, or at all, for everybody. But jeez! If it does, it’s golden, isn’t it?

I also recommend ….. LOSE THE LARD!

It makes a difference in so many ways. But! The only way to lose fat and keep it off is slowly. While you’re doing that, Holistrol/Hi-Qi gets your BP to safe levels so you don’t croak or stroke-out while you’re still (as I am) half-way too fat.

Other people

After getting the startlingly good result that I did, I cautiously recommended the product to a few co-workers who had mentioned having elevated BP or having relatives/spouses with the problem. A couple tried it and had pretty-much the same results that I did.

Some were already on pharmaceuticals and their doctors weren’t impressed by the notion of any herbal concoction, so those people declined to try. I’ll note that at least one of those people is on at least two additional “medications” (why can’t they just say “drugs” or “medicines”…?) only to control the side-effects of their BP-control drugs. Oi! I just don’t see it.


I currently (still true in October 2012) have no connection to the company except as a very satisfied customer. Long may they prosper.

Well, if we set up a real commercial website some day, we might see about some kind of click-through arrangement. As of mid-October 2012, we don’t have any connection. If and when we do… well, it’ll be obvious, but perhaps it’ll carry weight that it’s been more than six years that we’ve been recommending the product and not getting any compensation other than the knowledge that we're doing a good deed.

How to find it

Here’s the home-page link:

We’ve tried one of their other products with some positive reaction (nothing as dramatic as the Holistrol… er, that is Hi Qi Healthy Blood Pressure), and we’ll talk about it on another page.

As for anything else that they sell, we can’t really say. Haven’t had reason to try them, yet. Yer on yer own there.

Again, you are reading anecdotal evidence. The only experimental “control” in this writer's personal “study” was me before I started taking the product, versus me afterward. I also have third-hand reports that the people who took my recommendation and tried the product were satisfied. But you don't know me, and you certainly don't know them. So, make up your own mind. Grain of salt and all that. We're just informing you about something we found good and useful and that you might, too.

We hope we’ve helped - this is, after all, serious shit. It’s your health, you own it, you decide what to do about it.Well, that’s the way we see it, anyway.

If you happen to have seen very much the same text on a blog, well maybe you did. We grant ourselves permission to use and abuse our own blog text. If it was on somebody else's site or blog, let us know and we'll sic the lawyers on 'em.

Should you avoid pharmaceuticals?

Hell no! If you need them, take them. Many drugs do a very good job at whatever they're intended for (other than making money for the drug company). It's just that every drug has side-effects, and you need to inform yourself about those side effects. Then you need to decide whether the benefit of the drug outweighs the cost (money) and the pain of the side-effects.

In some cases, you can find some sort of mild herbal thing that will do what you need and have minimal or undetectable side-effects.

What it really comes down to is:

a) stayin' alive

b) quality of life.

Have you ever heard about, or read about people who are living in the streets with hallucinations and paranoid delusions because they refuse to take drugs for their mental condition? Not that they can't afford 'em - maybe they'd be provided free - but those people just won't take the drugs because they crush/muffle/stifle/dull so much of the person's mind and personality that they feel they're better off "crazy" than zombified.

That's rather extreme and is rare enough to be what we call a "corner case", but it illustrates why many people are eager to find alternatives to blood-pressure drugs. The side=effects are so miserable that they need another raft of drugs to make them bearable, and then the side-effect-damping drugs have their own side-effects and those need another raft of drugs to control .... it's a spiral.

My own mother was the example that got me thinking this way. She was taking 14 or more drugs every day, most of them to deal with symptoms from other drugs.

When you live past 50 you eventually have several people in your life who are on crippling drug regimes to deal with crippling physical problems, to the point that the victims wonder if the cost and the suffering is worth the trouble.

In the end, our idea is to prevent, if possible, or at least delay that kind of choice as long as possible by other kinds of intervention. OK?

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