Pain at the sternum area after popping sound.

by James

I did a dips and suddenly my middle chest had a pop. after that, It hurts for 5 days and not yet recover.. It hurts whenever I do something like dips, deep breath and throw my arms upwards.. What is this? I don't have pain in the back.. Someone please tell me. I can't go to check the medic because of some reason.

EDitor's Comment: Well, it certainly sounds like either a popped rib where it inserts at the sternum, or a tear in a ligament where a muscle attaches to bone.

Obviously the usual disclaimer applies, see your doctor...

But one thing to try is to simply press a thumb or finger or pain-stick all around the spot, until you find the most tender bit... and then apply firm pressure for a good minute or so. Pay attention if you can feel any lumps beneath the skin on that side, that aren't duplicated on the non-pain side of your chest. Squishing a spasm or a trigger point is the way to encourage it to release, but it is uncomfortable to do and requires a firm resolve, not to mention a strong thumb or finger if you don't have a suitable pain stick.

Pain that comes from spasm'd muscles and from trigger-points will fade when you apply very firm pressure for a while, then slowly release that pressure. Not saying that it will go away entirely in one self-treatment, but it should diminish noticeably. If it doesn't, then you might have a tear or the rib-end might still be displaced. The one will require specific treatment, depending upon severity. The other can respond to knowledgeable (somebody else laying hands on you) or lucky (you laying hands on yourself) manipulation. For example, if you've got a bulge and sore spot where rib joins sternum, you could try simply placing your balled fist against it, then leaning your full weight on that fist, to coerce the rib into correct alignment.

When you do any manipulation or have any done, apply ice afterward, and avoid any heavy use of the surrounding muscles for a day or three, to allow realigned muscles and bones to settle into original configuration, as opposed to the "I'm hurt, work around me" configuration they've been holding for months.

Think about it and try stuff. There's no point living in pain and reduced function if you can do something about the problem. You are in charge.

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