Ongoing Rib issue!

by Jen
(BC, Canada)

I was in a car accident TEN years ago that gave me some bad whiplash. Ever since then i have had so much trouble with my back, including my one rib on the left up high that goes out constantly. When it's out I run to my chiro (and have multiple visits over the next few weeks). It refuses to stay put. I try to be careful, I ice it, I sleep on my back, I try to carefully stretch my back. Brings me to tears as nothing relieves the awkward pain. I've tried exercising but it seems like nothing is small enough or light enough. My back goes into spasms instantly. Even just sitting with proper posture in a chair kills me after 10 minutes. And standing still is the most painful...I can't even last 5 minutes. My body can't hold myself up! I feel broken! I'm female, 34 years old, and I don't think I'm overweight (160 lbs).I wish I could buy a new back for myself! I've been to 3 different physio and 4 different chiro. I go to massage when I can afford it. I've tried swimming, weights, walking, elysian, I'm just whining, sorry. Noone seems to understand my pain so I thought you guys would understand. I realize this is a mens health page and I'm female. Lots of good info on this site. Thanks.

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