Hypertension in Men
How Common Is It?

Hypertension in men - you are still wondering, how likely is it really that you've got this unholy scourge (ha ha, we sense your sarcasm... ha).

Well, it's just about this likely:

Graph of the occurrence and incidence of hypertension in the population.

Click the graph to see it bigger and more readable.

That's representative of North America. Three quarters of everybody gets it sooner or later.

Prevalence is how widespread it is among the surveyed population (at each age bracket).

Incidence is how often new cases appear in the surveyed population (among people in each age bracket).

Around the world, the incidence and occurrence is less because there are so many poor, skinny people in the world, but still, nearly a billion people have elevated blood pressure. Chances are, hundreds of millions don't even know it.

Now You Know

OK, we're discussing the prevalence of hypertension in men. Looking at that graph, try not to be relieved that your wife (or sister, or daughter) is even more likely than you to suffer from high blood pressure. That doesn't get you off the hook. For "western" societies, the numbers are unsettlingly high for everybody.

The older we get, the higher the incidence of hypertension in men and in women. They say it's never too late to do something...? Buddy, it's late. Get that into your head now.

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Knowing how it all works will give you a little more credibility when you discuss it with your sweetie (or are you already forgetting that graph?).

So, find out what your current blood pressure is.

It's easy to measure your own and takes only a minute. And the bonus is that you can also measure your wife's/partner's pressure and that of other family members, once you know how.

If you already know your pressure is high then do something useful. This is NOT one of those problems that goes away if you ignore it. It only gets worse.

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