Hemorrhoids Treatments and Cure

There are two kinds of hemorrhoids treatments and cure:

  • temporary symptom relief that we'll talk about on this page
  • permanent cure that we talk about here

While you are taking care of permanent elimination of hemorrhoids, you might want to relieve the symptoms of the piles you've got right now.

It's a short list:

  • commercial creams and ointments (like the ubiquitous "Preparation-H")
  • generic stuff like witch-hazel to shrink the swelling
  • various assorted herbal concoctions that don't do much

Actual Healing

You do realize that there's no commercial or herbal concoction that actually cures hemorrhoids? With pretty-much only one exception, anything that you can buy for hemorrhoids either does nothing or just temporarily relieves symptoms.

The only cure is to stop doing what makes 'em happen, and that's the natural healing for hemorrhoids.

We have this page that recommends the one product we've found that does the trick, and isn't very expensive... just a wee bit embarrassing, maybe.

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