Description of Hemorrhoid Symptoms

You want a description of hemorrhoid symptoms to be sure what you are dealing with.

There are other nasty things that could be going on, like fissures, parasites, a whole mess of things we'd rather not talk about.

If it's hemorrhoids, it's not immediately life-threatening, so that's the good news.

External hemorrhoids are easy. You might notice:

  • itching around your butt-hole
  • pain in the same area especially when you defecate
  • bumps the size of a pea (-ish...) that don't belong, directly at the opening of your anus

First off........ look. No really. What's the point of us providing a description of hemorrhoid symptoms if you aren't willing to check the site?

So, look.

That means get a mirror, spread your cheeks and look at your ass-hole. We suggest doing this in the privacy of your bathroom, with the door locked.

If you see a relatively symmetrical little puckered anus, then you probably don't have external hemorrhoids just now. If you are experiencing other symptoms and irritation, then you should probably see your doctor, because you just looked and eliminated the easiest explanation.

On the other hand, if you see a bit of a bulge at one side or the other of your butt-hole, and if that bulge looks kinda blue-ish, then you are most likely looking at a hemorrhoid of the external variety.

If it doesn't itch or hurt right now, it probably soon will. Often they don't hurt unless there's direct pressure, and sometimes they just don't hurt, especially early in their development.

Mostly, we're not talking agonizing pain here, just enough to be annoying, and get in the way of your general enjoyment of life.

Next time you have a bowel movement and wipe, it might very well bleed.

What if...?

What if you see something pink-ish or blue-ish protruding from your ass-hole?

First of all... eeeeyeeewwwwww!

Second of all, that is probably an INternal hemorrhoid that has been growing for a long time, and is finally elongated enough to stretch all the way from inside to outside.

That's not good. See your doctor.

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