Where and How To Learn Your Blood Pressure Numbers

Your blood pressure numbers (systolic and diastolic) should be somewhere around 120/70 (-ish).

If they're too low, you have one set of problems - you probably faint easily, and your kidneys might not have enough working pressure to... work.

If the blood pressure is too high (much more common), then you have a different set of problems.

Ways to Learn Your Blood Pressure Status

It's not the numbers that'll kill ya. It's what's behind them - but first you have to have some idea where you stand. If you don't know whether or not you have elevated blood pressure (hypertension), find out now. It's not hard.

  • Go donate some blood - they always take your pressure as part of the procedure. You'll be doing some good for other people and for yourself.
  • Go see your doctor. A quick blood pressure measurement should be part of almost every doctor visit. If not, ask. If you are over 40 and the doctor doesn't take your pressure at every visit, maybe find a new doctor.
  • Buy an electronic blood pressure measurer, or better, buy a stethoscope and a pressure-cuff/sphygmomanometer (that's what they're called, but you can just ask for a blood pressure kit). The cheap ones are at pharmacies - the better ones are at medical supply houses, and yes they'll sell to you and no you don't need to be a doctor to buy from them.

Oh, and once you find out what your blood pressure numbers are, and if they happen to be bad, you have to do something to correct the situation. It doesn't correct itself. If anything, it gets worse the longer you neglect it. So elsewhere on this site we tell you some things you can do to reduce high blood pressure numbers.

Of course, since you need to repeatedly check your own blood pressure to know if your corrective actions are making a change, we also describe and demonstrate how to take your own pressure readings. It's really easy. It's totally painless. It takes a couple of minutes to learn. There's a video.

Here are our other blood pressure / hypertension related pages on the Men's Health Tips (MHT) site:

The MHT page What the page is about
About Blood Pressure How blood pressure works in your body
Measure Your Blood Pressure How a blood-pressure measuring kit works and how to use it to measure your own BP and that of family members
Prevalence of High Blood Pressure How likely is it that you or a member of your family has damaging high blood pressure?
Find Your Blood Pressure Numbers (this page) Some general ways to learn what your numbers are
Relieve Hypertension / Reduce High Blood Pressure A non-pharmaceutical way to help lower the BP while you work on eliminating the cause
Control Weight/Control Hypertension Straightforward, relatively easy ways to get your weight down and thereby control your BP

Click here to return to the homepage from this relieve hypertension page. Click here to return to the blood pressure main page from this relieve hypertension page.

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