Anti Snore Spray

Anti snore spray is way down our list of available treatments for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

They seem to come in four varieties:

  • lubricants (so the sides of your throat don't stick together) - don't last very long; minor effect on minor snoring, and lose effect quickly
  • astringents or bracers (like mint essence/oil), attempt to pull the throat lining back/tight, to keep the airway a little more clear - minimal effect on only the most minor of snoring, and effect fades quickly
  • anti-histamines - attempt to reduce allergy-based swelling in throat membranes (but keep in mind what ALL the anti-histamine sprays for colds and nasal allergies are required to tell you about their dangers and about how they lose effectiveness within weeks... these can't be any different if they do contain significant anti-histamine ingredients)
  • prescribed pharmaceutical sprays and throat washes - just take a look at the drug-information sheets with all the side-effects to see why that's generally not the best idea

This'll be a short page.

Not only are we not recommending any particular anti snore spray, we are not currently recommending the entire category. A chemical approach to a mechanical problem is rarely a good idea. If we hear of one that works spectacularly well, we'll reconsider.

As we mention on our other snoring-related pages, deal with the likely causes first (overweight, smoking, alcohol abuse, dairy consumption) and maybe try one of the mechanical aids. We'd suggest trying a pillow first. If it doesn't do much for your snoring, you've still got a pillow (unless it's one of those annoying ones that forces you to sleep on your side and not your back, but then you can still save that for visitors you dislike...

If an anti-snoring pillow does help your snoring, great, and when you get your weight or other cause under control, you've still got a pillow.

Things like chin straps and mouthpieces might be effective for you, though once you control the causes of your snoring, the chin strap or mouthpiece is no longer useful.

Sprays? Throat washes? We think you'll have bottles with most of their contents never used. Save your money.

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